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There are thousands upon thousands of websites about Tenerife; some good, some bad and some which don’t have much to do with Tenerife at all. Connect2Tenerife is our ‘one stop shop’ designed to help you find the most original and interesting English language websites and blogs about Tenerife, including friendly community forums where you can make new friends, we've also included a bookstore where you'll find essential Tenerife reading and will be adding more sites and blogs on a regular basis.

Essential Tenerife Websites
Secret Tenerife

The most in depth English language website about what’s happening across the whole of Tenerife including news, fiestas, politics and social events. This is the website for people who really want to understand what makes Tenerife tick. Funny and insightful.


An excellent resource about the essentials of living on Tenerife for tourists and expat residents. As well as being able to book your hotel or self catering accommodation, book a hire car or an excursion on Tenerife, eTenerife also has really useful information, advice and tips about the sort of things that many people don’t think about when moving to a new country.

My Tenerife Info

A good source of information for visitors looking for the low-down on hotels, restaurants, golf courses, nightlife and much more in Tenerife from award winning author, Joe Cawley. Includes useful reviews from punters who have been there, seen it, done it, eaten it and generally had a good time in the process.

Tenerife Matters

Who says Tenerife doesn’t have any culture? A concise website with info on forthcoming events including concerts, exhibitions, fiestas, food and drink and things of interest to people who don’t think the height of sophistication is watching Elvis look-alikes in a karaoke bar.


Official Tenerife Tourism website in 5 different languages with loads of information on all aspects of Tenerife. If you can read Spanish, stick to the español version as on some pages it has more information than the English version.

Sorted Sites

On an island where tourism is the no 1 industry, not having a web presence is akin to committing professional suicide. Sorted Sites is the company to bring you back from the ledge. John Beckley and his team have the web solutions to help businesses break free from internet obscurity. We know from personal experience and can’t recommend them highly enough.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth - Tenerife Blogs
Blogs are a great source of information about locations: The best are honest, funny and provide an up to date insight into places in a way that static websites can't emulate. Here's links to our favourite Tenerife blogs (clearly our own are included).

Colin Kirby

Very few ex-pats actually spend time exploring the Tenerife that exists outside of the area where they live, work and play. Colin Kirby is one who does. Whether it’s about the inside of a volcanic tube, a subterranean fort, a rock concert or cheering on CD Tenerife to glory, Colin’s blog paints a witty picture of enjoying life on Tenerife.

Living Beneath the Volcano

An amusing personal account and occasional rant of the everyday fun and frustrations of living and working in the north of Tenerife with photographs, a bit of poetry and supporting Manchester United from the comfort of a local bar stool thrown in for good measure.

Real Tenerife Blog

Our own blog about the ‘Real Tenerife’, the one which exists outside of the brochures. You don’t have to travel far on Tenerife to experience a culture which is probably very different from the one you imagined and people who are on the whole friendly and welcoming and fiestas which range from the wonderful to the just plain weird. This is a blog about the Tenerife most Canarios know.

Tenerife Tattle

Amusing musings on life, bringing up kids, dogs, cats and assorted animals and philosophising in Spanish courtesy of the back of sugar sachets. Very funny take on life in the south of Tenerife.

Find out about Tenerife and make new friends in the process

Forums are a great place for residents and visitors to make friends and get advice and help about all sorts of aspects relating to visiting or living on Tenerife.
The two main forums for Tenerife are ‘Tenerife Forum’ and ‘The Tenerife Forum’ and in design are almost identical.
Confused? I was, but apparently it’s a long story, so don’t ask.

Both are very friendly and a great way to get to know people if you’re new to the island. There are slight differences between both forums, but the best thing to do is dip a toe in and see which suits you best, or do what some people do - join both.

One observation: As most British ex-pats live in the south of Tenerife, the focus of many forum topics relates to that area. If you live in, or are visiting an area outside of the main southern resort areas, you might find this makes it of limited value.

Tenerife Times

Part blog, part website, the content in Tenerife Times is supplied by residents and visitors as well as its webmaster giving it a diverse range of topics.

Going Native in Tenerife

Blog linked to our guidebook of the same name. Aimed at visitors and residents interested in an honest guide to Tenerife which gets under the skin of Tenerife.

Tenerife Bookstore - Guides by your side
Much more than just a tourist guide, Going Native in Tenerife gives a native's eye view of this surprising, beautiful and diverse Spanish island.
Inside you'll discover: hidden treasures beyond the tourist hotspots, a glimpse into Tenerife's past and future, guided tours of towns and villages across the island, photographs from the authors' travels, a guide to Tenerife culture and tips on when, where and how to enjoy the island’s fiestas and much, much more...
When Joe and his girlfriend Joy decide to trade in life on a cold Lancashire fish market to run a bar in Tenerife , they anticipate a paradise of sea, sand and siestas. Little did they expect their foreign fantasy to turn out to be about as exotic as Grimsby on a wet Monday morning.
A hilarious insight into the wild and wacky characters of an expat community in a familiar holiday destination. A must-read for anybody who has ever dreamed about jetting off to sunnier climes…
The essential guide about moving to, working in and living in Tenerife. Packed full of information about every aspect of Living in Tenerife. Packed with information and advice. Tenerife Lifeline covers almost every aspect of life such as jobs in Tenerife as well as all paperwork and taxes... in fact everything you need to know from birth to death.

Exotic Flora of the Canary Islands

Useful companion to ’Native Flora of the Canary Islands’; once again a great reference for identifying Tenerife’s exotic flora when out and about in the countryside. Information includes Latin and common name, descriptions and photographs of each plants and interesting snippets about what some plants were used for. Particularly useful for walkers.

Native Flora of the Canary Islands

Extremely handy reference for identifying Tenerife’s native flora when out and about in the countryside. Information includes Latin and common name, descriptions and photographs of each plants and interesting snippets about what some plants were used for. Particularly useful for walkers.
An essential reference tool for anyone wanting to get under the skin of the Western Canary Islands. From their earliest inhabitants,the Guanche through the Spanish conquest to the tourism invasion of the 20th century, this book chronicles the events that formed the character and landscape of the islands.

Meticulously researched, beautifully illustrated and expertly written it takes an honest and insightful look at culture, politics and traditions of the islands.

Sometimes you can't beat some R&R time on the beach with a good novel. Check out our recommendations for a right good read.

Get Active on Tenerife
Football on Tenerife

Tenerife has a great little football team in CD Tenerife. Get tickets for games and keep up to date with the trials and tribulations of CD Tenerife’s quest for promotion to La Liga with ex-pat supporters club Armada Sur.

Walking on Tenerife

Independent walkers should keep an eye on our Real Tenerife Island Walks blog for info on the best places for walking and tips about different hiking areas on Tenerife.

Cyberhiker is your man for walkers interested in guided hikes.

Cycling on Tenerife

Tenerife –Training is the site for people who prefer to explore Tenerife’s countryside on two wheels. Bike hire and guided cycling tours available. Challenging rides, great bikes and superb locations

Golf on Tenerife

Who better to give the lowdown on Tenerife’s golf courses than a club wielding golf fanatic. Check out this blog from a Golf sports writer who’s only interest in life at his age is to play as much golf as possible and write about it when it’s dark.

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Food & Flowers on Tenerife

Lovely blog about life in north Tenerife. Wonderful photographs and recipes from Canarian favourites to mouth-watering suggestions for amateur chefs. If on a diet you’d better stick to the tour of the flowers and wildlife in Canary Bird’s garden.

Life on the Reef - Windsurfing

One of the coolest hotspots on Tenerife, El Médano is a kite-boarder and windsurfer’s paradise; this blog from a windsurfing philosopher and his photographer wife captures its mix of laid back ambience and adrenalin pumping water sports.

It’s a Dog’s Life

Since 1993, dedicated volunteers at K9 have provided a sanctuary for not only dogs, but cats, birds, reptiles and even lions and a leopard. With no government funding, they rely on your support and kindness. Have a look at their website, it’s a worthy cause.

Diving on Tenerife

Shipwrecks, caves, shark, rays, barracuda and all sorts of weird and wonderful marine life are waiting for divers exploring Tenerife’s undersea world with Amarilla Divers, the only dive school in Amarilla Golf.

A Wooftastic Site

Tenerife Dogs is a great new website dedicated to highlighting the efforts of the hardworking dog rescue shelters on Tenerife. It’s also a mine of information about doggy matters on Tenerife and around the world. The site’s a lot of fun as well as being a support for our canine companions.

Bard of Ely

Possibly the most eclectic blog on Tenerife. Where else do you get mysticism, ghosts, demons, exotic plants, an insight into life in rural parts of north Tenerife, music and lingerie all in the one site? Thought provoking and never less than entertaining blogs from the mind of the bohemian bard.

Expedia Property - Bargain Tenerife Property

Expedia Property has an extensive range of properties on their books and also collaborates with other agents to ensure that they can present the widest range of choices available. Just let them know what you are looking for and they will do all the legwork.

Horizon Property Group S.L

Have a reputation for offering a professional and friendly service and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. They don't stop working until you stop worrying, realising that word of mouth is all-important and that a satisfied client will recommend them to friends and associates.

Fishing on Tenerife

The people at Happy Hooker Fishing (don’t you just love the name?) guarantee fishing in Tenerife at its very best. Specialising in light tackle spinning or trolling for Barracuda, Shark Fishing, Jigging for Amberjack and Bottom Fishing for a variety of different kinds of fish.